A research study was designed based on a lack of knowledge in our community about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. When households and businesses dispose of unwanted materials, recycling, compost, and trash are mixed and thrown away at our waste disposal facility, which overwhelms our landfills. Instructional intervention was needed to teach best practices.  
A study was created for a sample group of participants to pinpoint instructional deficiencies, establish clear objectives, and gather data through questionnaires, surveys, and interactive activities. The goal was to find out the reliability of the instructional approach.
The findings determined that only one out of six participants knew what to do with the materials they no longer needed. This action research study explored the different stages of instructional design and learning theories.
Created using Microsoft Word and Apple Numbers.
This presentation shows survey responses in the formative evaluation stage of action research. 
Subject Matter Expert interview data analysis showed households mix recycling with trash, resulting in our overfilled landfills. Participant survey findings identified education, attitudes, and perceptions. An observation log provided feedback that recorded a study measuring participants’ knowledge about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Results led to ideas on how to improve recycling participation in our communities. Created using Microsoft Word and Apple Numbers.
This lesson uses a simple ADDIE model to design and develop a training plan for dog owners. The course analyzes how dog owners’ behavior directly impacts their dogs’ behavior. Each screen focuses on a learning objective for individual behavioral issues and then reinforces positive behavior using Operant Conditioning. Learning outcomes are tested during development and evaluated with a blue check mark to show completion progress. Learners can edit the technique to ensure that training is effective and then modify behavior. Finally, learners can test the method consistently and practice until their dog behaves safely and calmly. Created using Articulate Rise.
This training provides clear, step-by-step instructions for learners to brainstorm project ideas and collaborate effectively using Freeform, a digital whiteboard application.
Each screen of the training breaks down tasks, guiding learners towards achieving their goal of developing their ideas. Learners progressively build on their ideas with each lesson until the final screen demonstrates the completed project.
Learners are empowered through engaging and meaningful instruction using software to conceptualize ideas and boost their confidence with technology. Created using Freeform.
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